Is Playing the Lottery A Sin?

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Is Playing the Lottery A Sin?

One of the most debatable topics for people hoping to pick lottery numbers is whether it is a sin to play or not. Like almost everywhere, here too, there are two sides to the story of whether one should or not buy a lottery ticket.

There are some people, according to whom indulging in the lottery is itself a sin. To them, submitting in the gameplay as well as giving one’s best to win the lottery is sinful. Through this article, the various points and areas of this grey matter will get discussed.

What Does The Sinful Side of Lottery Have to Say?

According to records, a large section of people spends a lot to pick lottery numbers. Estimates show that Americans spend as much as $70 billion on buying lottery tickets. People spend more on lottery tickets than on movie tickets, food, or shopping as a whole.

People who are once entrapped in buying a lottery ticket, hoping to win the lottery are stuck forever. No matter what they do or try, nothing seems to take them out from the obsessive need of buying that ticket. Even after knowing the impossible odds of winning, people are still found to indulge in it.

Is it Like Gambling?

Going through lottery books, people can conclude that lotteries are nothing but gambling. The various authorities therein, prey on the chances of people losing the lottery as a whole. It is hence nothing but the ‘House’ that controls every move in lotteries.

More often than not, the lower sections of society are the ones most affected here. By going to pick lottery numbers and after that losing, again and again, they are stuck there. It turns on to become a never-ending cycle of the low losing again and again. This happens because to win the lottery is sheer luck. But people are unable to see through this facade.

Being Responsible While Opting for the Lottery

People are free to gamble, free to pick lottery numbers. But they should be responsible for all their deeds. It is essential to ask oneself the question of right and wrong before proceeding on to do a task. Introspection and retrospection are crucial as a task for each one of us to do.

People need to take the utmost responsibility for all our actions. Be it about someone going to win the lottery or someone who lost everything through it. It is crucial to be responsible for people to be responsible for their deeds instead of blaming it on others.


While one cannot justify lotteries under the umbrella term of sin, it is not a good deed too. People need to realize the same before they even think about going to pick lottery numbers. It is all about being responsible and judicious of one’s actions.

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