How are lottery tickets distributed in Thailand?

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How are lottery tickets distributed in Thailand?

The lottery is not only legal but also very popular in Thailand. The Thai lottery is held twice a month. The dates are set, that is, on the 1st and 16th of every month. More than 28 percent of the population, pick lottery tickets.

There are many pros and cons involved in the buying, selling, and management of the Thai lottery.

Here are some distinctive features of the Thai Lottery:

  • The Two-Ticket logic

The ticket is not sold as one unit, but there are pairs of them. Numbers are repeated on those two tickets, which implicates that on winning your prize amount doubles.

  • Bargaining game

Negotiating with the vendor for getting even one ticket from the lottery books is a big task. This concept of fluctuating prices is pretty typical in Thailand.

  • Striking Rates

Baht is the currency of Thailand. The normal rates are 80 baht, but due to the popularity, it may be challenging to get one at that rate. The tickets are told up to 120 baht too.

  • Popularity and poor streets

The carts and bicycles roaming on the streets of Bangkok can be seen full of lottery books. Even though these vendors do this vast business of selling the tickets, they do not earn much from that.

  • Tracking tickets

It may seem unusual, but the tickets are printed in advance and sold to different vendors in batches. Now if a Thai notices a lucky sign or dreams of a number, that person will track down the ticket based on the batch number.

On what basis are the lottery numbers picked?

The ticket number of the lottery determines the market rates.

The people of Thailand are very superstitious and when they have to pick lottery tickets, they do not take a chance. They consider specific numbers as lucky. So the lucky numbered tickets are sold at the highest rates, whereas the ‘unlucky’ ones are sold at a nearly standardized rate of 80 to 90 baht.

Since the Thais believe in the luck factor, the cheaper tickets and unlucky lottery books are mostly untouched by the locals.

Also, they believe in the saying that a bad omen or tragic incident is followed by good luck. That is why the number on the preferred tickets are chosen based on its relation to an accident or tragedy. Such uncanny incidents have caused people to win the lottery too. This can be a result of sheer luck.

Some people feel that praying to shrines can be the solution to victory.

How extreme is the luck factor theory?

Being lucky or unlucky is a belief. Some might consider it as a game of destiny, but the Thais have a different perspective.

  • Lucky Charms

To win the lottery, luck factor has been associated with some ‘lucky’ sights. The superstitions include seeing a big or small snake, a rat, or a four-spotted cat. The animal sightings are related to particular numbers like if you see the giant snake or a rat, the numbers you should go for are 5 or 1 respectively.

  • The Dip of Luck

The ‘Lucky Dip’ has a special meaning in the Thai lottery. It involves dipping your hand in the case and hence randomly choosing the numbers.

How is the total revenue of the Thai Lottery distributed?

If you win the lottery, you receive around 60 percent of the total amount. Twenty percent goes to the government treasury. The remaining amount is distributed among the street vendors, wholesale sellers, and funds.

So, the street vendors are not able to make much profit after selling tickets at standard rates. Inflating prices is a punishable offense.

The Conclusion

The lottery books are distributed based on batches, and this feature helps people track down tickets of their choice and preferences.

Although the rules and regulations prohibit the vendors from selling the tickets at higher rates, the prices are still not fixed.

Lucky charms and bad omens are keys to getting the winning numbers. They pick lottery tickets based on that.

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